Wilaap Foundation

The Weet Group Company has taken a step towards Humanity by foundation of the NGO “Wilaap”.running the numbers of NGO ideas under one umbrella, all of them are dedicatedly work for the needy kids and children, Teenagers and elderly people. Some of them are strictly worked for the kid’s education where as other taken stands against the Children’s healthcare and food needs. One of our NGO targeting and taking care for elderly senior citizens! Because a basic question we have not yet answered is how well our models meet the needs of a community of elders?


Wilaap focus has always been on how to better meet the need of the community and how to do more with less” Goal of Wilaap is to deliver efficient, effective and community driven results in the area of Healthcare, Food, Education, shelters etc. For reaching out to as many as needy people, We are running many champions and research programs under Wilaap Foundation to better understand their needs and help them accordingly to develop ‘people centric’ approach.

Whether it’s Kid or elder we firmly believe that the good Health care and food is the primary right for everyone and these is the first step on the road out of poverty.

Research says that around million people lack access to adequate healthcare and food worldwide. Around the world, we provide nourishing meals every day to more than 63,000 children. We believe that everyone can work together to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry, no kids remain uneducated and no elders deprived of a good healthcare.

Walk with Us

When friends like you partner with us, we can meet the urgent needs of everyone.

The simple act of donating can spark a lasting change. A change every needy one is hoping for, with every passing day.

It’s your turn to bring about that change which will widen their smiles, brighten futures, strengthen hopes and certainly ensure a better tomorrow, forever and for everyone. Donate.