About us

Weet Group is the international leading service provider in the area of Online Media, E-commerce, Digital marketing services including our charity foundation. We have made huge impact by association of our products like WeetNow, Weetmart, Weetkart and Weet TV.

We help your Brand/Product to make stand out in the crowd by giving you the complete Digital marketing and Branding solution. We are offering Complete Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation Strategies, Brand Management, Product Marketing etc.

WeetNow enables you to get connected with the world by providing you with the all things happening around you or in the world from daily news to Entertainment to  Lifestyle.

We have globally international Brand called Laknew that gets all the leading cosmetic brands under one roof. And for all your fashion and wardrobe needs we have one stop solution under Weetmart that giving you quality products for all the group of ages.

Weet Group is believe in make a difference and prove it by providing financial services to the needy people by our NGO Foundation called Wilaap Foundation. We are helping people who are in needs of either education, Hospital Expenditure or any kind of other donation. The mission of Wilaap is trying to bring the light in someone’s life.